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(Coat of) arms control by heraldic safety measures

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A smart gun, with a little screen on it.

First, pull the trigger, then a coat of arms appears on the screen, and if you describe it correctly, the gun fires.

Sort of heraldic counting to ten, although for the more tricky ones, possibly before the sun goes out is the best than can be hoped for...



(gun) Ok, shoot.

(shooter) I'm trying to..

(gun) I was only speaking metaphorically. Ok, what's the coat of arms?

(shooter) Well, it's got a bend sinister..

(gun) ermm are you sure about the sinister?

(shooter) Errr...dexter?

(gun) Ok, let you off this time, how about the trefoils?

<cuts to much further on into the dialogue>

(gun) put the hammer down...I'm in a titanium housing, it'll do nothing..

not_morrison_rm, Jun 04 2014

Only vaguely related by the greatest strech of the imagination... Maizechinegun
[normzone, Jun 06 2014]


       Whatever you were on when you came up with this one, I want some of it.   

       What I especially love is that the only ones who could typically navigate this system, at least in the US, are far more likely to come at you with a sword or bow than a gun (SCA types).
MechE, Jun 04 2014

       'Most', not 'only'. I have modest collections of both swords and guns. Which would you prefer?
Alterother, Jun 04 2014

       You're weird. [+]
Voice, Jun 04 2014

       Actually he's only moderately weird - that's not that uncommon.
normzone, Jun 04 2014

       I often wonder if anyone who has been here for any length of time is considered normal in their own particular circles.
Being considered not normal on average I figure is a given.

       Without any heraldic coat of arms would we be exempt from this safety measure?   

       Well, as long as the bad guys had to go through the same ritual it would be paced about the same as my linked idea.
normzone, Jun 06 2014


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