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Blacklisting Browser II

Click a button and blacklist pages with it
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The internet is infested with pages whose only purpose is to trick users into going to them or search engines into ranking other pages more highly. I will refer to these as spam sites.

I propose a browser feature consisting of a button to click when you see a spam site. The other side of the feature checks a blacklist and puts a little spam icon next to every link to that site if enough people have reported it.

Voice, Jun 14 2011

Web of Trust http://www.mywot.com/
here you go [Voice, Jun 14 2011]


       If only it would work. Like all things created with the best of intentions, somebody would figure out how to hijack it for use against their rivals and it would turn into just another tool of the spammers. Cynicism aside, very noble concept. [+]
Alterother, Jun 14 2011

       Opera already warns about sites that are considered to be security risks - such as those reported as distributing malware.
spidermother, Jun 14 2011

       I hate the built in blacklisting of sites in firefox - twice I've seen it blacklist forums which were perfectly harmless, just some spammer had posted a link which made it almost impossible to visit the site for the next month.
mitxela, Jun 14 2011

       check out WOT (web of trust) it does that I forget the url though.
bob, Jun 14 2011

       An idea waiting for a time machine, whether or not it actually works... [-}
gnomethang, Jun 14 2011


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