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Negative rating

imagine if negative ratings were actually good for something
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the way most rating systems work now only the positive ratings make any difference in your recomendations. Its all a simple 'you liked this, other people who liked this also liked that, so you might like that.' imagine if those negative ratings made a difference. 'If you hate this, you might like this instead' or "if you hate this, don't even bother with this'
fuzz2050, Sep 17 2006


       you need to check your spelling in the idea name.
po, Sep 17 2006

       Not a bad idea, but I'm voting against it for misspelling the title, which makes us all look like numskulls.
ldischler, Sep 17 2006

       Sp: numbskulls
wagster, Sep 17 2006

       Well dang, Google said it was fine. (In fact, neither Google spellcheck nor the hyper dictionary recognize numbskull.)
ldischler, Sep 17 2006

       admin: fixed title spelling.
jutta, Sep 17 2006

       What was the mis-spelled title, out of interest?
Mr Phase, Sep 17 2006

       I'm assuming that is was "Negative Ratting", which may suggest an entirely different idea. Something about pest control using electrodes.
Texticle, Sep 17 2006

       sorry about that stupid typo, but when an idea hits you at 3 in the morning, and you post in before you forget it, well yeah, these spelling things happen. oops
fuzz2050, Sep 18 2006

       It's probably 'negative ranting'.
Zus, Sep 18 2006

       //I can see that one getting used - the 'large South American river' will no doubt soon start work on it. //   

       I think they already do this.
webfishrune, Sep 19 2006


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