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Bladder bandage

It's not a wrap
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One of my cats cut her lower leg badly and the vet did a half-assery job of applying a "compression bandage" which my cat shook off in seconds.

Shouldn't there be a small sheaf you can slip on and autoinflate to a reasonable psi? I am thinking of those inflatable "wings" you put on the arms of toddlers so they can go swimming.

The link provided doesn't seem quite as easy to apply.

4and20, Mar 08 2024

Wrapping version https://www.revmedx.com/airwrap/
[4and20, Mar 08 2024]

Better - but would your cat still be able to shake it off? https://theindexpro...g/award/nominees/77
UFlex all-in-one self-inflating compress and gauze for bleeding emergency. [a1, Mar 08 2024]


       One difficulty you may have in realizing your version will be automatically inflating to a "reasonable pressure." That may vary by patient and circumstance.
a1, Mar 08 2024

       [+] There can be a pressure setting and a booklet of the best pressures to use. Channeling [8th]: This is brilliant! how many PSI can it go up to? I would like to place a bulk order immediately.
Voice, Mar 08 2024

tatterdemalion, Mar 09 2024

       [a1]'s link is much closer. On the plus side, it self-inflates with foam, not air, so claws would be less of a problem, but 1) you have to wrap it around an active cat 2) it's still too loose.   

       As an aside, that compress is much better as a splint than a tourniquet. A tourniquet is supposed to tighten until there is no pulse detected (distal) and I don't see the compress accomplishing that.
4and20, Mar 09 2024


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