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Painless-removal bandage
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[2019-08-17: I learned today this was already baked in at least one bandage variety. See my anno for details.]

You know Band-Aids, and similar products of different brands? You know how when you peel them off, they can hurt due to still being adhered to your skin/hair? You know Command Strips? You know how you can take them off the wall without damaging the paint, even though they stick really well until then? Combine the two!


notexactly, Mar 21 2017

Command Strips video for anyone who doesn't know them https://www.youtube...watch?v=HJ9RZt0_qMk
These particular ones are 2-part with Velcro in the middle. For this idea, it would just be a single side of Command adhesive directly on the bandage. [notexactly, Mar 21 2017]


       For anybody who's about to say "pulling to release the Command adhesive will pull your wound open": Not if you follow the recommended removal procedure. First, pull one side of the bandage to begin stretching and releasing. As that side finally releases its last hold, right at the bandage pad, the pull will be acting on the other side of the bandage, pulling the wound shut. Continue pulling from the same end to release the other side of the bandage.   

       [Edit 2019-08-17: The above assumes that the wound pad of the bandage has not stuck to the wound.]
notexactly, Mar 21 2017

       While I'm pretty sure I've never heard the wall scream, I'd bet this would still involve quite a bit of pain. Like much more.
RayfordSteele, Mar 21 2017

       If the command is of a field of nano cat claws.   

       Tiny enough to grip but not hurt.
wjt, Mar 27 2017

       Turns out this is baked, and has been since 2010 or earlier!   

       This morning I had occasion to pull out some Band-Aid Advanced Healing Blister Cushions for Fingers and Toes from the drawer. (I needed to use them on my leg, but that was all I had.) In the box was an instruction sheet with a copyright date of 2010, and it said to remove the bandages from one's skin in this manner: by pulling one end along the axis of the bandage, while holding the other end in place, to stretch the bandage lengthwise. This is exactly how Command Strips are removed. I tried it when it I needed to remove them, and it worked great! However, it did rip the blisters open somewhat, due to those particular bandages being adhesive all over, without a pad in the middle, but they were ready to be opened, so it was good.   

       However, I do not know of regular (non-blister) adhesive bandages that implement this removal method.
notexactly, Aug 17 2019


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