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Blasted Sand Busts

The whole human race on a beach
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“Is that one of those spelling pendants hanging on your neck?”
“Oh, this in the transparent heart? No, it’s my boy friend’s head. Here, look closely. It’s only 2 mm high, but it’s a perfect likeness.”

“Was it expensive?”
“No, not especially. You can also order one of yourself in a block of plastic with magnifying sides, or of a celebrity. I heard Kelly’s son has hundreds of football players in a small hourglass.”

“You see you can buy them cast out of glass, or pay a little more to have them ground from a real grain of sand. Of course these are just copies; the originals of every person on the planet are being amassed in Switzerland. I guess you haven’t sent in your photos yet.”

“Here, let me read from their spam: ‘The non-profit Celebrate Life organisation has come halfway to its goal of producing the 6.4 billion, tiny sculptures. The total volume will be less than 50 cubic metres, nearly enough to fill a sand box only ten metres square and a half metre deep.’”

FarmerJohn, Mar 16 2003


       I would prefer to keep all those micro sculptures together in a giant cube (51.2 cubic meters, actually). This could easily be launched into space as a lasting memento from the entire population. Perhaps an epigram could be inscribed in microprint on the back or each one? Like “Bakes in the buff, every pluterday”.

pluterday, Mar 16 2003

       I bet John Ashcoft would support this.
snarfyguy, Mar 16 2003

       Life's a beach.   

       "Like sands in the hourglass.... so are the days of our lives...."
RayfordSteele, Mar 17 2003

       Pluterday, I would have given you a croissant for the "lasting Memento" idea. It is amazing. (obviously, I like the sand busts too. Unexpensive and interesting.
Pericles, Mar 21 2003

       This site always makes me want stuff I can't have. +
Worldgineer, Mar 21 2003

       5 people voted against this? Who are you and what's your problem? No sand busts for you.
Worldgineer, Mar 23 2003

       This is really very cool.
Machiavelli, Apr 20 2005


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