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Blind-Asian Alliance

Another dastardly scheme to overthrow the universe
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Asian massage therapists need, citizenship, and concomitantly, ESL training and certification, and Blind Federal workers at the end of their careers who want to retire to Massage need certification, and accomodation in the form of audio description, and health/wellness events.

Solution: Blind American / Sighted Asian Massage Therspist alliance that will deliver hot young Asian chicks to THIS GUY so that he can certify them in massage therapy via ESL-audio description network that will evolve into a currency to .,. Take over the world.

JesusHChrist, Oct 19 2017

Gaugin https://www.google....Li44DweAKSYJwFQAAAA
[JesusHChrist, Oct 19 2017]


       In some locations help is available. As a friend explains it to me, he participates in talk therapy every couple of weeks and the program pays for his medication. He doesn't find the talk therapy very helpful, but the meds help some.   

       Oh, wait .... is it possible that we're inadvertently providing the talk therapy part of the program?   

       And the category appears .... well, not so much chosen as flung into from a distance.
normzone, Oct 19 2017

       Sp: 'need,' 'knead'. There, that'll fix that stray comma.   

       Somehow, vehicle: traffic jam seems as appropriate a category as any other. Maybe we need a catch-all category for idea: desperate or drug-induced for JHC's ramblings.
RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2017

       Companion planting is well known but is only gaining ground.
wjt, Oct 23 2017


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