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car colab network

special roadway for digitally collaborating
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Intersections, roads, bridges and overpasses with cameras that allow only collaborating cars to use. You want to drive individually, or you need to go to the rural areas. No problem, all cars allowed.

Want to join the fast moving regulated traffic? You have to be connected with the digital collaboration unit.

Cars on the colabway that are not connected, will be detected via cameras comparing them to the expected cars and their locations. The offenders will be sensed, and the area's behavior changed accordingly. Automatic drones will follow the offenders, document them and report them to the authorities.

pashute, Mar 04 2017


       This is for allowing cars to run automatically (see link about digital collaboration) only on the "highway" and still let people drive cars on roads without the automation.
pashute, Mar 07 2017

       Somewhat baked out here in California, minus the drones. There are lanes where only vehicles with 2, or sometimes 3 passengers are allowed. Transponders allow you to skirt that rule but you are charged for the privilege. Cameras detect and fine scofflaws.
normzone, Mar 10 2017

       Why does that vid have the sound of a loud crowd in the background?
pashute, Mar 15 2017


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