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Plow parked cars parked in express lane.
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I live in the city and drive downtown. Much of my drive was through mixed-use residential streets. During rush hour, the right lane of a three lane one way street is no parking. So many times, street would jam up a half mile because someone did not move their car. Yeah, they give parking tickets, but the car is still in the way.

The idea is that at 7:00 AM, when no-parking come in effect - instead of tickets, the cops would come barrelin' down the street with a huge car-plow, shoving cars off the road like crumpled metal snow !!!

Of course there ARE a FEW details to work out...

alainchiasson, Apr 24 2007

video myth bust https://www.youtube...watch?v=djlLrKhyNrU
Something like this? [popbottle, Aug 10 2014]


       I thought this was what tow trucks are for... but honestly, who can bone an idea that would be this entertaining to watch?
5th Earth, Apr 25 2007

       Actually, one of these would be useful for getting to work despite that traffic jam...
DrCurry, Apr 25 2007

       Anything that gives pigs more power to destroy peoples' lives gets a big [-] from me.
disbomber, Apr 25 2007


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