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Blind Dog Olfactory Hazard-Marking Spray

because spaniel
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The Basic Spaniel Assumption is "The Universe loves me and would never, ever, ever hurt me!"

Spaniels, especially cocker spaniels, especially (per anecdote) black cocker spaniels, tend to go blind with age. Not just a bit blind, but completely blind.

Unfortunately, because of the Basic Spaniel Assumption (see above), they fail to infer that, being completely blind, they ought perhaps not to run everywhere quite so fast.

At the beginning of soccer season, some soccer goals were placed in the local park, which were not there during the summer. They are framed with iron bars.

If only these bars had been sprayed, on installation, with a strong scent that indicated the presence of an unfamiliar and potentially dangerous metallic object.

My dog is OK now (for his age). I'm not sure whether he's learned a lesson.

pertinax, Aug 07 2022

Detachable bumper for blind dogs https://muffinshalo.com/
A different technical solution to the same (and apparently widespread!) problem of small, hyperactive dogs going blind. [jutta, Aug 07 2022]

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       This might work for people too. Surprised no one has also trained guide dogs for blind dogs.
4and20, Aug 07 2022

xenzag, Aug 07 2022

       awwwww +
xandram, Aug 07 2022


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