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Breath Perfume

Breath Spray with a scent/flavour other than mint
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All breath freshening products only seem to come in mint, and maybe the occasional really disgusting tasting citrus, I propose a breath spray, or strips or mints, in new exotic scents/flavours, like rose, or lavender, or perhaps rosemary, they could even be made of a combination of scents/flavours.

Note to those who mentioned wintergreen: isn't that just a type of mint? it tastes very similer

ModernDivo, Nov 13 2006

Parma Violets http://www.aquarter...-violets-p-451.html
"delicately flavoured perfumed violet sweets" [angel, Nov 13 2006]

Wintergreen breath spray http://www.amazon.c...lavor/dp/B000GCAT4E
[angel, Nov 13 2006]

Nice shoes! http://drx.typepad....07/14/clara_bow.jpg
Clara Bow [normzone, Aug 06 2008]


       Have you never heard of Parma Violets? Or wintergreen breath spray?
angel, Nov 13 2006

       chocolate? oh wait, I could just eat some...
po, Nov 13 2006

       rose? oh wait, i could just eat some...
theleopard, Nov 13 2006

       Tic Tac has a ton of different mouth perfumes
Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

       I think this idea is nice; having a breath perfume is a lot nicer than eating a mint, and also much more original. The only problem is that some of the scents I can think of only SMELL nice, but don't taste equally good. It could have marketing difficulties because of this. Still, you get my bun.
Pericles, Nov 14 2006

       <Slightly Off Topic>I heard that some old-timey actress (like Clara Bow or someone) used to rinse her mouth with perfume. </sol>
PollyNo9, Nov 15 2006


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