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I seem to have overlooked the ability for some to be the master of the obvious. I was curious as to what others would conceive the smell of an item to be, disregarding the urge to stick their head in the oven to get a smell. If the Sun indeed did not have an aroma would we still be able to generate one in our mind? Thinking of smells for celestrial objects was the base for a set of colognes and perfumes for the space challenged. How about a rusty smell for Mars, a dusty smell for the moon, and of course an earthy smell for Terra Firma. Any other ideas for the love planet Venus? Jupiter? Ice cold Pluto? That would be a good one for the X. :)
chas, Mar 16 2001


       I think methane is odorless. Stove gas has a scent added so leaks are easy to detect. The odor from bodily gas is a result of other particles.   

       Anyway, Venus would smell sulfuric.
centauri, Mar 16 2001

       [Admin: I zapped "burn" and its biblical flame bait.]   

       I imagine the sun smells of ozone and grass and gasoline, no surprise there.
Venus small, distant, cold, like next-door hors d'euvres.
jutta, Mar 16 2001

       I imagine Venus would smell rather heavy (musky?), what with its dense clouds and all.
nano_mars, Mar 16 2001

       colognes and perfumes based on celestrial objects....not a bad idea at all. Jupiter should be a cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice thing.... Venus just stinks.... the Moon...well..it should be "cheesy". Mars, of course, would be overbearing and fill a whole room to the destruction of all other scents....
Susen, Mar 16 2001

       Mars: Chalk and gravel tortured by cold.
Jupiter: New puppy smell

Other planets would probably smell of lightning striking, e.g., Mercury might smell the way a sanitary landfill does after a lightning strike.
reensure, Mar 16 2001

       centauri: methane may be odorless, but it is also a major component of flatulence. Based on UnaBubba's first comment, Jupiter would therefore would smell remarkably similar to (sorry, waugs) Uranus.
nick_n_uit, Mar 16 2001

       Methane is not the component of flatulence that carries the odor, however. But you knew that.
centauri, Mar 16 2001

       Is there an idea or invention here?
bookworm, Mar 17 2001

       I think the idea is a set of colognes or perfumes based on hypothetical smells of celestial objects.
PotatoStew, Mar 17 2001

       Reensure: 'New puppy smell'? Gag! Slime, ooze, birth fluids and sweaty dog.
StarChaser, Mar 17 2001

       I think reensure means the smell of puppies about the time they go to their new owners (6-8 weeks) when they have a "sweet" odor and "puppy breath". Having become the proud grandma of more Jack Russells just last night (personal information added for centauri's enjoyment), I must say that I don't think newborn puppy is quite what reensure had in mind....at least I hope not.
Susen, Mar 17 2001

       <grin> I figured. But it wasn't -funny- like that.
StarChaser, Mar 17 2001


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