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Government without vision
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If what we are drawn to at the highest level is peace, and peace is an analog of the pull you feel toward distant views, (probably because when the pixels get small enough you have to use a different compression algorithm to process them, and through lots of monkeys having lots of years of distant views without predators, the compresseyer process would acquire an endorphin- release routine, so that it feels good to view long distances, and a byproduct is that the code-ier algorithm both seeds higher level processing, and - when the process feeds back on itself - allows for occlusion and "guessing" in the same way as the impressionists squinted to paint and their brains read between the lines and came up with half-heard genius), and if hearing is the most recent and most codey sense - bringing us the most fully and measurably into the time dimension, and blindness is sort of a lens that allows for more opportunity for memory and processing rather than direct input, and considering that the rate of change in the progression of communications formats is exponential, then blind people will be in a pretty good position in the not too distant future to adapt more quickly to exponential change by "squinting with their ears" and letting their big picture pattern recognizing capability extrapolate and predict where the increasingly chaotic change will be going, and not get diverted by the bad habbits that sighted people pick up from the art-illusion - that time can be represented in space, and so blind people should probably be in charge.
JesusHChrist, May 11 2012


       Interesting. I know a woman who has been entirely blind her entire life. She does indeed have an unusual kind of clarity and intelligence (although she would have absolutely no idea what 'clarity' is). She's also somewhat involved in politics.
spidermother, May 11 2012

       Former British PM Gordon Brown was blind in one eye.   

       Not exactly an outstanding success.   

       David Blunkett, former Home Secretary, was blind. All in all it would have been better to give the job to the guide dog.   

       Then again, given the opportunity of poking out Gordon's good eye, there would be a long queue of folk each with their own blunt pencil. So maybe it's not that bad an idea after all.
8th of 7, May 11 2012

       Maybe leaders need to have (an) extra sense instead.   

       This is H G Wells in reverse.
nineteenthly, May 11 2012

       Nah, I'd be more in favor of bestowing upon them that which is common to the rest of us.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2012


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