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A private entity that fills the gap between church and government
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A non-religious, non-profit organization with voluntary enrollment could fill a gap between churches and governments to serve certain needs in a person's life. It would push a person's sociological "in group" buttons. It might be useful for shopping for group-rate insurance or serving as a big friendship circle. I had this idea as an extension of wondering whether anybody has thought about fully privatized, subscription-based expressways through town (calling it private property to avoid falling under speed limit laws).
kevinthenerd, Jun 14 2012

Wikipedia: Civil Society http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Civil_society
[rcarty, Jun 14 2012]


       Secular Humanist comgregations exist for exactly this purpose. For that matter, pretty much every membership based civic/charitable organization (lions, elks, masons, my parents gourmet group) meets this criteria.
MechE, Jun 14 2012

       You don't really say what your idea is, but if I've understood what you're saying this seems to be answered by any sort of club or society.
hippo, Jun 14 2012

       Maybe it's some sort of comment on the invasiveness of religion and government in everyday life.
rcarty, Jun 14 2012

       Sort of like lots of people coming up with ideas, with a slim chance of getting a bun> That sort of thing??
S-note, Jun 14 2012

       The Lions Club?
RayfordSteele, Jun 14 2012

       "Charity" ?   

       Sorry, [ktn], but [marked-for-deletion], widely-known-to-exist, not original.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2012

       Yes, m-f-d, but check out ktn's Chipmunk Phone Automation. +23 buns.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jun 14 2012

       [squeak], you need to get out more and meet people (that is, if you can find a way of stopping them running away and screaming).   

       And when someone tells you to "get a life", DON'T go and google for it ...that means you've kind of missed the point.   


       Apparently, somewhere there are things called "girls". Let us know if you find out any more on this subject.
8th of 7, Jun 14 2012

       I've got one. She's awesome.
Alterother, Jun 15 2012

       <Life of Brian>   

       "You lucky bastard ... you lucky, lucky, lucky bastard ..."   

       </Life of Brian>
8th of 7, Jun 15 2012

       I'm happily married in case you were wondering, The recent blast of ideas was a result of me going through an old notebook. I wanted to bring a notebook to a training class for work, and I found in a pinch that I had one that was mostly empty. I copied the most interesting ones to HB before tearing out the pages.
kevinthenerd, Jun 18 2012

       Did you then eat the pages?
UnaBubba, Jun 19 2012

       (squeaketh), it's +24 now. I left a witty anno a couple of years ago but had never voted.   

       I've got one also, married her last week, she's awesome as well ;-)
normzone, Jun 19 2012

       Congrats, my friend! We celebrated our eighth anniversary yesterday. It's not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be.   

       We'd better scram before [bigsleep] comes in here and catches us being sociable.
Alterother, Jun 20 2012


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