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Blobbie Dazzlers

a new type of multi purpose exercise shoe
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Bloobie Dazzlers look like normal gym sneakers until you pump up the balloon attachment on each of their soles. This swells up to become a soft, springy ball, of the same consistency and resilience as that of those large exercise spheres, now common in most gyms.

You can balance on them, walk around, dance, bounce up and down, and generally enjoy being about twelve inches higher than those who don't have them yet.

Being covered with sparkling material, they will twinkle randomly under your feet, should you chose to wear them when out dancing, as they double up as one of those inverted disco ceiling globes.

xenzag, Mar 18 2007

Exercise Balls http://images.googl...26rls%3Den%26sa%3DN
like these only a bit smaller and one attached underneath each shoe [xenzag, Mar 18 2007]

(?) Masai Barefoot Technology http://www.swissmasaius.com/
Shoes with a convex sole; claims multiple health benefits. The "Research" section points to three small studies. [jutta, Mar 18 2007]

Bobby Dazzler http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang/b.htm
near bottom of a lengthy page of slang [xenzag, Mar 19 2007]

Mr Blobby http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr_Blobby
the other reference in the name choice. [xenzag, Mar 19 2007]

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the dog's breakfast, Mar 18 2007

       Is it Blobbie or Bloobie?
One of these names has bounce but the other is flat.

       That sounds nice and stable. Market them to children for wearing around china shops.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 18 2007

       You might be on to something. There are shoes with slightly rounded soles - much less than this idea proposes - whose manufacturer claims health benefits (improved leg muscle tension, improved balance.)
jutta, Mar 18 2007

       [+] Stilts.... bouncy shoes.... sparkly.... wobbly.... I'd buy some, even though I'm nearly a grown-up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 19 2007

       I vote for Bloobie Dazzlers.
methinksnot, Mar 19 2007

       it has to be Blobbie - as in the plural of blob... it's also a variation of the compliment: "to be a real Bobby Dazzler" - see link
xenzag, Mar 19 2007

       Work with me on this one. Say it, c'mon, say it. Bloobie. Now that's just nice. It rolls off the tongue well, it's recognisable, it's cool.
Now let's do Blobbie. Harsh. Short. Transfers the emphasis to the "Dazzler" part.

"Hey Jimmy, whatcha want for Christmas?"
"Pair of Bloobies, man"
methinksnot, Mar 19 2007

       The foot balls should be shaped and colored like footballs.
IJK, Mar 19 2007


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