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Blogging File Management Interface

Find files by what you were doing.
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Thursday, 5 Jan.
Wrote a letter to the bank [file: letter20060105a.doc] about wanting to pay off the mortgage early.
Worked a bit more on the first draft of chapter five [file: chp5.doc] of the novel [directory: halfbakers_in_space]. The character of Cynthia probably needs more work [file: character_outlines.doc].
Printed off a picture of the family [file: ADHD1234.jpg] for Aunt Agnes [link: address book record]. If she likes this one, there are some more she might like [file: ADHD1287.jpg] [file: ADHD1288.jpg].

As well as storing your files in the usual way, you could incorporate the files into the story of the day, making it easy to find something if you can remember what you were doing and when you did it.

Each of the items in square brackets would be a small icon representing a file. The icons could be viewed, copied and edited from the icons embedded in the text. The system would back up files when moving them or editing them so that a link next to an item would point to not only the latest copy of the file, but also the file as it was when blogged.

(...and just in case you were wondering, I'm completely misusing the word blogging. I've no intent of this information being public. It's just for the user to find their files.)

st3f, Jan 05 2006




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