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Defrag Voiceprint

Two dimensional defragmentation display option to keep track of progress.
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I love watching a disk defragmentation. The moving colours are an ideal time-waster. The problem is, all you can see is how the drive looks now, and maybe how it looked when you started.

I want more information. I want a 2D plot of file fragmentation versus time.

Every 30 seconds or minute a new snapshot is generated, one pixel wide and 800 or 1024 long. It gets added to the bottom of a slowly scrolling image, and when the process is finished you have a picture of it to preserve for posterity.

FishFinger, Feb 12 2004


       This idea would go well with a defragmenting screensaver...
hachiihcah, Jun 10 2005

       You could add to that a real voiceprint of the sound the drive is making as it is defragmenting, too.
bristolz, Jun 10 2005


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