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Blood Beat Clock

Astound your friends with your blood pressure powered wirstwatch.
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This is a darkie, everyone... Perhaps something more on the field of HR Giger than Cartier.

It is just intended as an idea. The moral, medical, and fashon ethic issues of the use of this "thing" are overseen herein. My intention is to discuss this issues with you.

Allright. This wirstwatch driven by the warm blood pressure of your body will be the terror of your family and pretty much anyone. You put a needle un your arm and jot it to a smal hose, that conects to your watch. The blood makes work a small pump that will power the watch hands, and even you can make the face of the clock transparent in order to see the blood twigglin´ between the mechanism, and see it working. Another hose conects to a vein to return blood. The wirstwatch will be always warm to the touch. Steel, crystal and contained flowing red red blood on a sacry pice of time.

noyola, Apr 25 2003

Blood Pipes http://www.halfbake.../idea/Blood_20pipes
Similar idea, same problems. [roby, Oct 04 2004]

Kinetic Watches http://www.seikowat...n/kinetic/k1_l.html
Human-powered. No needles. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


snarfyguy, Apr 25 2003

       wirstwatch? not powered by a sausage then?
po, Apr 25 2003

       So wearing it to bed would be rather cumbersome and painful, right? I don't see why one would ever take it off, just dealing with the logistics (ever have an IV?).
ender13, Apr 25 2003

       The real thing would be dangerous, a number of medical problems. (Enumerated in a similar idea, Blood Pipes--see link)
But as someone suggested for blood pipes, you should just fake it. Use mechanical pump, colored water, battery power, and just make it look like it's your own blood pumping through and powering the wirst watch.

People will believe it, especially if you give a convincing blood-curdling scream whenever someone touches your wirst watch.
roby, Apr 25 2003

noyola, you've finally done something worth reading.
igirl, Apr 25 2003

       creepy! (+)
Pericles, Apr 25 2003

       Make it an implant. Sits just beneath the skin. Make it digital and the segments just push up the surface of the skin a bit so the time is engraved in flesh.
James Newton, Apr 26 2003

bristolz, Apr 26 2003

       [James Newton] Ingenious!
johnmeacham, Apr 26 2003

       //Cathetictoc// I like it.   

       Given changes in blood pressure and pulse, how do you propose to drive and regulate the timepiece? You could use changes in blood pressure to wind the mainspring, much like the way a barometric piston clock operates, but I think you'll have a devil of a time designing a suitable pendulum.   

       <disclaimer>I don't want one of these, but the idea's interesting.</disclaimer>
Don Quixote, Apr 26 2003

       ender13: "What do Roman paramedics use?" ... "fours" ...b'dm'tsh..
badgers, Apr 26 2003

       Oh, sure. It's just a wrist watch today, but what else will you want to power later? Cooling fans? Small electrical generators to power implanted LEDs?   

       Too many devices like this, and you'll have hypertension, with resultant right ventricular hypertrophy. Then maybe you could throw a switch on that watch to count down the hours you have left.
Guncrazy, Apr 26 2003

       Methinks the kinetic watch is the way to go if ya want to power the watch yourself. [link]
Cedar Park, Apr 26 2003

       This is so bad it's good. I have a gagging feeling already.
FloridaManatee, Apr 27 2003

       //Think of someone stealing your watch.//   

       [mugger]: hye, buddy, gimme yer watch.   

       [noyola]: can't, sorry, it's implanted.   

       ha! i love it!
urbanmatador, Apr 28 2003

       This would be simpler if it just used the mechanical strain of pumping blood to energize it, instead of running blood directly thru it. But, either way, without any battery backup, it would be great for recording the instant of death.
pluterday, Apr 29 2003

       This watch would run slower and slower as it got congested with fat.
hippo, Apr 29 2003

       Time flies when you're having fun.
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2004

       could also be coupled to your PDA : ' Your blood pressure is low - have you forgotten the meeting?'
loonquawl, May 18 2009


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