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Blood donor book club

Lifeblood of the literary scene
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Blood donors in Australia, and probably other countries, are not paid for their platelets. Other than a cuppa and a bickie.

This idea encourages donors back with a book club held after each drain session.

The setting is right: you're supposed to sit around for a while after your donation before getting back into your car, or back to the nuclear plant.

Also, the timeframe is right: regular donors should take at least a month or two between visits. Plenty of time to devour the next book.

Vampire novels not encouraged.

not_only_but_also, Sep 19 2012


       Disturbingly sensible and practical … [+]
8th of 7, Sep 19 2012

       Excellent idea [+] I presume that the process could operate on a reasonable amount of govt sponsored book loaning, with minor investment or donation by a generous publisher, and the redundant books, once they have been around a few donor centers, could be recycled in a local Library.   

       I note that a similar approach, albeit with free access to a different type of literature, and less donor interaction, doesn't seem to have worked to boost uptake for male sperm donation.
PainOCommonSense, Sep 19 2012

       Sounds like a good plan. +
xenzag, Sep 19 2012

       There are uncomfortably-high numbers of people who never read or buy books; what can you use to incentivise them?
Phrontistery, Sep 20 2012

       The selfless giving of blood.
rcarty, Sep 20 2012

       Perhaps free internet access during and after the procedure, but then again this is already possible in many libraries.
PainOCommonSense, Sep 20 2012

       Some people (a minority) are lightheaded. Maybe an amateur art analysis club -- "Man, that totally looks like a huge bag of Doritos"
4and20, Sep 20 2012


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