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Chapter 11 for Novels

end to end books
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Like an American corporation granted temporary Chapter 11 protection from bankruptcy to restructure, a book with a failed or unpopular ending should have the possibility of a sequel, Chapter 11 ending.

For example, if Margaret Mitchell reconsidered and wrote a second Chapter 11 to Gone with the Wind called The Day after Tomorrow is another Day:
Rhett realizes he does give a damn, turns and runs back down the stairs to stop Scarlett from leaving, just in time. She reconciles her love for Rhett with her self-reliance, sells Tara and moves with him and Mammy to Detroit. Rhett starts a horseless carriage firm, Scarlett becomes a fashion designer, they adopt five kids of different races and Mammy sings Dixieland Jazz in Motown. After all, it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

FarmerJohn, Jul 22 2002


       FarmerJohn if this is a backdoor route to getting more happy endings I swear I will fishbone it! Down with happy endings, up with more tragedy!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 22 2002

       So Winston Smith could triumph against big brother? Brad Pitts character doesn't shoot John Doe in Se7en? (I know its not a book)   

       Popular or not I reckon the endings should maintain as an author intends.   

       Although no fish from me cos it does kind of appeal...Macauley Culkin gets killed in Home Alone - no sequels.
Jinbish, Jul 22 2002

       That's more like it Jinbish, "Think outside the books".
FarmerJohn, Jul 22 2002

       Hey. I don't care if it's fiction, don't you kill Bruce Willis or you will have me to deal with. Claws are at the ready..
sappho, Jul 23 2002

       The cats in Stuart Little get to have a dinner party.
po, Jul 23 2002

       This certainly needs to be extended to TV. Perhaps a channel consisting only of 30 second endings for whatever is on the other channels.
pfperry, Jul 23 2002


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