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Blow Bubble Gum

Gum that produces a soapy mixture in your mouth allowing you to blow bubbles off the end of your tongue
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Add ingredients to chewing gum that allow you to blow bubbles off the end of your tongue like a bubble machine. Keep chewing the gum, then blow another bubble. Call it "Lawrence Welk-ubba"
Balki Bartokomous, Jul 14 2008

Wikipedia: Lawrence Welk http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Lawrence_Welk
US Entertainer, 1903-1992 [jutta, Jul 14 2008]


       I can blow bubbles off the end of my tongue without the aid of gum. In fact, I was thinking of posting it just the other day, but decided the HB was too grown up for those sort of shenanigans. Maybe I was wrong.
jtp, Jul 14 2008

       The taste would resemble Sen-Sen. No thank-you.
Klaatu, Jul 14 2008

       I think it's a cute idea. (except the Lawrence Welk-ubba part.) +
xandram, Jul 14 2008

       Mechanics question: to blow bubbles, you need to run air through a ring that is covered in a thin film. "The end of your tongue" normally isn't a ring, right? So how is this supposed to work?
jutta, Jul 14 2008

       Don't know about the idea, but for me it involves a bit of saliva and a deft flick of the tongue. It's lovely to see.
jtp, Jul 14 2008

       Happens to me occasionally in the shower while shaving with soap, but I don't think I'd want to chew the gum.
normzone, Jul 14 2008


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