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Bluetooth Central Data Storage
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The other day, I read the idea "Music Sharing Via Broadcast," and this idea came into my head.

The BlueBox would be a compact hard drive that comes in varying sizes, with a battery and a Bluetooth radio. Other devices in range, if they had the encryption key, could access and/or write the files on the hard drive, depending on the privileges you give the device.

The BlueBox could be kept in your pocket, while your Digital Audio Player, your PDA, your laptop, your phone, etc. use the files on it. That way, you don't have to share files via copying them back and forth between the devices.

The BlueBox could also be integrated into other devices, such as Digital Audio Players. That way, for instance, you could control and listen to the music on your iPod on your PDA, while editing a Word document that resided on it.

You could also buy a BlueBox to USB Mass Storage Device adapter for any device that doesn't have a built-in Bluetooth module.
-----, Oct 02 2005

Music Sharing Via Broadcast Music_20Sharing_20Via_20Broadcast_2e
The idea that gave me THIS idea. [-----, Oct 02 2005]

BlueTooth USB adapter http://www.bluetoot...sp?CPID=1356&CAT=24
Add a USB drive, and hey, presto. [jutta, Oct 02 2005]

Intel Personal Server http://slashdot.org...137&tid=187&tid=100
Intel is developing a wireless, pocket-sized personal server (bluetooth and wifi) [mccormick, Oct 02 2005]


       I believe i read something like this about 2 years back. I believe it was something Intel was talking about doing. It involved a bluetooth (or 802.11 type) access to a mini server in a pocketsize device. This server could serve up all kinds of things such as music, files, whatever since it is a server. Cant remember the name of it but i am pretty sure it was Intel. I still like your idea though.
daisy, Oct 02 2005

       Not sure if this idea should use 802.11. I chose Bluetooth because it can easily connect devices without an underlying network set up.
-----, Oct 02 2005

       [jutta] I googled it, and I found a combination of USB flash drive and Bluetooth adapter, but it wasn't this. Works as a Bluetooth adapter for communication but adds a drive to your system.
-----, Oct 02 2005

       Just added a link to what i think daisy is referring to. Its the Intel Personal Server. Pocket size and has bluetooth and wifi.
mccormick, Oct 02 2005

       I don't understand the difference between what you get when you use a USB drive with a USB/Bluetooth adapter and this idea. (Why is "adds a drive to your system" a problem? I thought that's what you wanted to do!)   

       Nice find, mccormick.
jutta, Oct 02 2005

       This sits in your pocket and can be accessed via bluetooth. The one I found on Google is just a combination of bluetooth adapter and drive, you can't access the data on the drive via bluetooth.
-----, Oct 03 2005

       That was actally my original idea, but I thought that perhaps if you just had the drive, you could use a small DAP without storage but with Bluetooth for this purpose.
-----, Oct 03 2005


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