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DIY SSD (version 2)

Old sticks of RAM go into a device that's backed up with a battery
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Proposed is an external storage device that would be a cheaper alternative to current SSD devices. The product is a box that houses sticks of RAM of a slightly obsolete technology in which the user supplies their own RAM modules. The device would have redundant battery backups (allowing one or the other battery to be swapped out sequentially to replace the set without destroying the data integrity). The device would normally be plugged in; the batteries only serve in the event of power failure or for transporting the device.
kevinthenerd, Feb 22 2012

RamSan-440 http://www.ramsan.c...-storage/ramsan-440
Pretty much exactly what this idea describes. Starts at around $93,000. [ytk, Feb 22 2012]

A less expensive DRAM drive http://www.curtisss...tis/drives/hyperhd/
If you supply your own DRAM, it will be less expensive. [Vernon, Feb 22 2012]

HyperDrive5 http://www.hypeross...#hyperosHDIIproduct
This uses DDR2 sticks and automatically backs up to a Compact Flash drive. [kevinthenerd, Mar 08 2012]


       I always thought to use slow RAM as disk/device cache.
FlyingToaster, Feb 22 2012

       This has been baked for years. It mostly finds use in the high-end market, specifically the niche segment where I/O speed is paramount. They ain't cheap, though...
ytk, Feb 22 2012

       Some of the frameworks are relatively inexpensive - the board and RAM slots. You have to provide your own ram though, and the limit on how much RAM you can fit on the whole board makes for a really tiny hard drive. They have capacitors to maintain maintenance power so the RAM won't go blank and wipe out your (alleged) hard drive.
Psalm_97, Feb 22 2012

       Perhaps "soft drive" would be a better term.
kevinthenerd, Feb 22 2012

       Related to this, I replaced the hard disk drive in my iPod Mini with a CompactFlash memory card which has the same interface as these early disk drives.
hippo, Feb 22 2012


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