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Blue Caricature

After the tourists go home.
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Anyone who has visited an amusement park will have seen the booths where you can have a caricature of yourself sketched. Some of those artists are pretty good - and lightning fast.

I wonder if anyone ever hires those caricature artists for after-dark grownup events. I think that off color caricatures would be a hilarious addition to a big party or at a bar or club. One could hire the artist to do a sketch of your buddy treading on his own outsized genitals, interacting with an amorous yak, or any other situation a booze-addled mind can dream up. I bet the tips would be good, too.

bungston, Oct 30 2006


       Why just the tip? ;]   

shinobi, Nov 01 2006

       if caricatures are Widely Baked, I would be very surprised if riske ones were not also.
DrCurry, Nov 01 2006


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