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bluetooth Billboard

bluetooth enabled public billboards
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Everyone seems to like sending stupid videos to everyone using mobile phones and most have bluetooth. The idea would be a billboard either in a club or a public place which rotates user uploaded videos. Probably a good idea to have someone screening what's uploaded before it's displayed but it could take off.
crazymonk, Jun 01 2007

Black Hammer http://www.blackham...jects/TS/nymag.html
This 165 foot tall digital billboard is visible for over two miles [skinflaps, Jun 01 2007]

Film-Quoting_20Sail [pertinax, Jun 04 2007]


       This might work well for a 'free speech area' type of place (i.e., a space you enter at your own risk)
cowtamer, Jun 03 2007

       Vain and well-prepared people could use it as an alternative to the film-quoting sail (link).
pertinax, Jun 04 2007

       I like it. BUT who would pay for it? I don't want my taxes to rise to fund 'free advertising' for folks ....?
britboy, Jun 04 2007

       Yeah, but what if one of the uploaders decides to put an 'unmentionable' picture for all the kids to see in public?
croissantz, Jun 05 2007

       it's being screened before viewing... Plus if this is in a club or somewhere then they could charge for downloads?
crazymonk, Jun 05 2007

       Have them installed in Supermarkets, to post ads and news, to increase sense of cummunity, and pear-to- pear off-line communication.
sirau, Jun 02 2011

       // pear-to- pear off-line communication //   

       A fruitful line of development,no doubt.
8th of 7, Jun 02 2011


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