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Blue Poo2

Pet food for the conscientious pet owner
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Many years ago I heard about some invisible drink additives that chemistry students doctored each others drinks with at the pub. The result was apparently amusing rainbow effects later in the Gents.

Building on this concept I propose a new brand of animal food for the conscientious pet owner.

One of the primary problems with poo is that it is generally brown, i.e. ground coloured. This makes it hard to spot. As such it is possible for even a well meaning dog owner to occasionally miss their animal fowling the ground. Cats are even worse, in that they tend to crap wherever they like.

Feed your animal on ‘Blue Poo’ pet foods and the resultant bright blue faeces will be easy to spot for owner or other pedestrians. The sign of a conscientious pet owner will be the colour of their pets crap. Well meaning owners will be less likely to miss an incident, and therefore more able to do there civic duty and clean up after their pet.

Even better, arguments about your cats’ toilet habits with an annoyed neighbour can be quickly ended: “That’s not my pet’s crap in your flower bed – my cat only does Royal Blue Poo”

Note this is implemented through a tasteless and colourless additive and so the usual range of cow / chicken / rabbit / camel flavours will still be available to your pet. Obviously “Blue Poo” is only a marketing brand and that a full range of highly visible colours would be available.

In certain countries (Singapore?) I can see such additive being compulsory. Colours would be allocated separately, according to some form of licensing system, such that illegal fowling can be traced back to the owner for prosecution. Of course there would have to be poo police to make sure your animal was using the correct additives and was not pretending to be someone else’s.

In less legislative countries the use of “Blue Poo” is driven entirely by moral pressure.

Other indicator additives, such as perfumes, could also be considered under the same concept.

RattyBunyip, Feb 06 2009

Blue Poo Blue_20Poo
Presumably, it was the winning format in the HD Poo format wars [coprocephalous, Feb 06 2009]

Kool Aid turns it green http://www.pooprepo...ontent/Dye/dye.html
[leinypoo13, Feb 06 2009]


       Ha! nothing is new. Posting this I got a name clash with Blue Poo.   

       Well, I still like my use case and I havent gone into any nasty techical details such as identifying which chemicals might be used so 'obviously' there would never be any side effects to my idea as it would only use chemicals pre-tested for safety on chemistry students.
RattyBunyip, Feb 06 2009

       Just give em a little Kool-Aid.
leinypoo13, Feb 06 2009


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