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Blue Poo

make pigeon poo blue
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There's a chemical called methylene blue which turns your urine blue pigeons like all birds poo solid and liquid combined so instead of killing them because we hate them feed them some methylene blue then their droppings will be pretty and we wont hate them so much
phundug, Nov 19 2007


       What if the police see this and decide you happen to be laying out poison? And what if someone actually does use poison? Even by itself, methylene blue can cause dizziness, confusion, anemia and many other problems. Besides, blue poo would be even more irritating. It would be like giving them paintballs. Oh, by the way, please add some punctuation and detail to this.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 19 2007

       This would be a good trick to pull in Rome, with all their pigeons, sacred culture, and artwork all around there and such. Would it really work?
quantum_flux, Nov 19 2007

       I hate blue.
BJS, Nov 19 2007

       An odd thing about the color blue is that a bit of it added to yellowish colors makes them look whiter. We used to add "bluing" to the laundry water, back when.   

       If you get your bluing doses under-strength, your formerly muddy pigeon poop is going to be extra-sparkling white.
baconbrain, Nov 19 2007


       Why do we hate pigeons?   

       ...and don't kid yourself, everyone hates pigeons. There are two kinds of people in the world. People who hate pigeons, and people who despise pigeons.   

       But why do we hate them? Is it just the poo? Certainly not.   

       First, let's list a few of the negatives of dealing with pigeon population, regardless of the implementation of this idea:   

       - The awful squeak they make when they fly. What is the deal with that?
- Damage to structures from their ugly nests
- Constant tapping on windows
- Dead pigeon carcasses hidden somewhere collecting maggots
- Their almost ant-like ubiquity
- That awful burbling noise
- The ugly fake owls that are supposed to drive them away

       OK, that's just a small portion of the list. Now, let's list all the positive aspects of a pigeon population, including all positives gained by the implementation of this idea:   

       - Blue poo.   

       Sorry, this is a fish bone for sure.
globaltourniquet, Nov 19 2007

       I must take a rather uneducated route here while anno-ing...   

       //Blue poo// That's a f**king stupid idea
evilpenguin, Nov 19 2007

       I like the central idea, but think it should be applied more practially. How about an additive that causes the poo to become a soapy lather? Then, when a pigeon doses my car, it's actually helping to clean it.
phoenix, Nov 19 2007

       It's a curious person who gets the 'buncha pigeons shit blue all over my car this morning' practical joke. [+]
daseva, Nov 19 2007

       Blue Poo on the grass, alas.
nomocrow, Nov 19 2007

       Dog, on my street the birds eat all the berries off these trees that line the street. Then they defacate (sp?) IT IS BLUE (and kinda purple). I must say, cleaning blue poo is just as bad as cleaning white poo... which is why I crap all over this idea
evilpenguin, Nov 19 2007

       Blue, green, black, or brown, poo is poo is nasty.
Voice, Nov 20 2007

       But why is [phundug] writing like a child?
theleopard, Nov 20 2007

       good question [theleopard]...a pigeon may have hacked into his account.
I don't hate pigeons, but there aren't that many out here in the country.
xandram, Nov 20 2007

       Is this a play on words? Blue poo would be comparitively fun dung.
theNakedApiarist, Nov 20 2007

       I'm sorry for writing in an annoying style on this idea. I sometimes get tired of all the formality of language and purposely start write things badly or misspelling words. It can be fun.
phundug, Nov 20 2007

       writing badly can be fun,
i want me write more dung dung.
k_sra, Nov 20 2007

       Purple berry pigeon poo? A bit gamey, if you ask me...
globaltourniquet, Nov 20 2007

       I was imagining a sky-blue color, not dark purple or violet. Maybe this would be more popular in Japan where colors like that are commonly used in decorations.
phundug, Nov 20 2007

       there is another idea titled: juice, so the recent page just read:   

       Blue Poo Juice
evilpenguin, Nov 20 2007

       [malevolent flightless arctic bird] (I like k_sra's little syno-name game...) There was a time way back when when an idea was posted to come up with new ideas by such concatenation. Fortunately for the spirit of the site, the idea died.
globaltourniquet, Nov 20 2007

       what terrible punctuation. bone.
shinobi, Nov 20 2007

       //[malevolent flightless arctic bird]// Antarctic, Shirley? Unless perhaps you are referring to the rare and reclusive half-baker *[EvilPuffin]?
pertinax, Nov 21 2007

       "What's blue and sounds like a bell?"   

baconbrain, Nov 21 2007

       //I sometimes get tired of all the formality of language// What I don't understand is how you managed to apostrophise "There's" correctly, and then just opened your bowels for a whole paragraph.   

       Anyway, I don't see how you can know that "blue pigeons like all birds".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2007

       There's a chemical called methylene blue which turns your urine.   

       Blue pigeons like all birds.   

       Poo solid and liquid combined so, instead of killing them because we hate them.   

       Feed them some methylene blue, then.   

       Their droppings will be pretty and we won’t.   

       Hate them so much!!!
Texticle, Nov 22 2007


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