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Edible Plate

Saves on washing up
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Edible Plate. Finish your dinner, then eat the plate. No washing up.
S-note, Feb 04 2010

http://en.wikipedia...rencher_(tableware) [hippo, Feb 04 2010]

Don't forget to eat your fingers too, fatty http://en.wikipedia...iki/Bulimia_nervosa
[leinypoo13, Feb 04 2010]

edible picnik basket / plates. did you even search this? http://www.treehugg...edible_plates_f.php
[xandram, Feb 04 2010]

redundant... Edible_20plates_2c_...c_20knives_20etc_2e
[xandram, Feb 04 2010]


       Baked - the "Trencher"
hippo, Feb 04 2010

       Stale Bread........can I have a stale bun?
S-note, Feb 04 2010

       Would be a nice addition to the bread-bowl concept. Probably a firmer version of pitas would work. [+]
gisho, Feb 04 2010

       The edible plate has quite literaly been baked.
S-note, Feb 04 2010

       In Mexico, the lower classes use tortillas (the soft ones, not the hard-shell, bad-tasting ones that you eat all the time in other countries) when silverware and plates are unavailable, or to simplify their lunchtime when they bring food to their work places. I like the firmer pita that gisho suggests. Nice one!
Pericles, Feb 04 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] Redundant, sorry.   

       Mmmh, tortillas...
jutta, Feb 04 2010

       Hola Jutta!
Pericles, Feb 04 2010


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