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Boat Wax for Fishermen

A special boat wax formulated with fish attractant
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This idea doesn't really have to work to make money! Simply add one of those fish attractant oils to a cheap fiberglass wax. Advertise it in Bass Pro Shops and other sportsman catalogs. "Attract the fish to your boat, then to your lure. The fish will follow you around the lake!"
JohnnyOnTheSpot, Nov 01 2002

singing bass.....nice link but ........... http://www.killfrog.com/00/dab.html
one of those links that sometimes you cannot escape from... [po, Oct 21 2004]

Oils, Aminos, Plants, Phermones and Mr. Steelhead http://www.luhr-jensen.com/attract.htm
01 Nov 02 | "Fish attractants that are oil based generally are developed by, you guessed it, smashing creatures like crawdad’s . . . these select compounds are then used to create the newest fish attracting formula." [bristolz, Oct 21 2004]

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       <cue theme from jaws>
po, Nov 01 2002

       Is there such a thing as a fish attractant oil?
snarfyguy, Nov 01 2002


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