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electro-pole fishing

It kinda takes the sport out of it, but if you're hungry, then this is for you.
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A fishing pole with an electric current running through the line (you may want to wear rubber or leather gloves when using this) so that when a fish grabs the hook the current jolts it sufficiently to stun it long enough for you to reel it in without it fighting back.

(edit: changed category from "sport" to "product" since this is obviously not for sport fishing.)

21 Quest, Jan 01 2007


       xandram, sorry I didn't mean to delete your anno, I accidentally posted this twice, the first one before I was done typing, so I deleted the unfinished one.
21 Quest, Jan 01 2007

       hey, that's cool, I came back to see if you finished your idea! I don't fish very often, but I would most likely hurt myself with this item. I'll let the fisherman vote on this one.
xandram, Jan 01 2007

       how do you make the current go through the fish as opposed to going into the water around the fish?
jhomrighaus, Jan 01 2007

       I was thinking a switch in the hook, so the electricity is only activated if the fish bites.
21 Quest, Jan 01 2007


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