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Body Count dot com

Whodunit score card
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There are gobs of whodunits and various adventure shows that seem to bump off characters on a regular basis. For viewers who want to see less (or more) of this sort of thing it would be handy to have a guide to what series has whacked how many and it what gruesome ways. For instance the spousal unit and I are fond of "Midsomer Murders" because of the creative and sometimes humorous ways victims are dispatched. So a 'score card' or database would be handy to pick and choose the least or most violent series one might wish to watch.
Steamboat, Jun 27 2020

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       Are you looking just for police dramas? Or the whole of scope television mayhem? If you get into science fiction you can have death on a planetary scale.   

       Google deadliest tv shows ...
kdf, Jun 28 2020

       I would love it because I think there should be a monthly total supplied to the viewer of how many bodies they have collected.   

       My husband watches all those shit shows and I think he would be surprised at how many dead people he saw in the previous month.
blissmiss, Jun 28 2020


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