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CSI: Morning After

CSI we can actually use
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Each episode of "CSI: Morning After" would begin with someone waking up with no idea of what they did they night before. The CSI team would then use their scientific prowess (with accompanying graphic effects) to determine what the drinking victim had done the night before, who he should avoid for a while, and what apologies might be appropriate. The episode would end with the victim sufficiently comfortable with his blackout to begin drinking again.
Vince2, May 04 2004


       Just make sure Jorja Fox is still in it.
angel, May 04 2004

       Well, yes, you'd have to have something to keep the viewers awake.
bristolz, May 04 2004

       I like the one where they find the binge drinker drowned in a pool of his/her own vomit. Anything that brings CSI closer to reality is a good thing. Most of the magic depicted on CSI should carry "Suspension Of Disbelief Warning" labels.
Zanzibar, May 04 2004

       Did you just mark CSI for deletion? Cause if you did, I second that.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 04 2004

       Fingerprint searches in seconds? DNA test results in minutes? Fibre matches in moments?   

       Give me a break. 95+% of forensic evidence is useless, contaminated with other detritus, masses of unknown fingerprints, inconclusive results and bungled lab work.   

       It's a latter day fairytale.
Zanzibar, May 04 2004

       //I like the one where they find the binge drinker drowned in a pool of his/her own vomit.//   

       How do you know it is his/her vomit? You can't type vomit.
GenYus, May 04 2004

       You may determine with (neilsen-degree) probability if the vomit is yak or wildebeest.
dpsyplc, May 04 2004

       //You can't type vomit//   

       Exactly. I made it up, based upon my revulsion at the inherent stupidity of the show. Why can't police shows be a little more realistic? Years of hard work is pissed up against the wall, as they figure out they have no bloody idea who killed Jonbenet Ramsay.
Zanzibar, May 04 2004

       Because they would be incredibly dull. If you want reality there are such genres now available. I find CSI Miami to be stylish and an excellent example of the editors craft. Oh, and I'm fond of the speech patterns of David Caruso.
bristolz, May 04 2004

       All of the characters in both versions of the show I find to be very well developed. The technicalities of the science are not entrely accurate but this is, after all, drama not documentary.
angel, May 04 2004

       You want realism in TV?   

       Law and Order: Traffic Citation
On today's show, Officer Smith pulls over 12 speeders, 6 red light runners, and one suspected drunk driver that turned out to be suffering from a bee sting. He issued 2 warnings and 16 tickets. One woman tried crying to get out of the ticket, but it didn't work.

       Assistant Associate District Attorney Jones attented traffic court to deal with the two people who fought the tickets. One was dismissed because the officer didn't note the speed reading, the other was fined $75 plus $20 for court costs.
GenYus, May 04 2004

       I strongly suspect that part of the CSI miami/ CSI idea is to foster the belief that forensic science and the police are infalible.   

       just don't do one set in the UK forensic services if half the stories i have heard are true, and i have no reason to doubt them.
engineer1, May 05 2004

       //forensic science and the police are infalible.//   

       Unlike some other things?   

       [bristolz], I know that. My point is that the cops _always_ get the bad guy. It ain't necessarily so. Running a mess of concurrent cases, missing court dates, losing evidence, tangled storylines, less simplistic plots... All of those things would improve the quality of the show and would likely improve viewer ratings.
Zanzibar, May 05 2004

       And now they are adding a third version.I think New York.
python, May 08 2004

       I love those shows. Every time I see one, I think back to my childhood in Baltimore when I found a .357 Magnum in the backyard. Foolishly, I told my dad and he called the cops. When the cop showed up, we directed him towards the gun. He casually picked it up, looked it over, and tossed it into his cruiser. No detectives, yellow tape, or plastic baggies needed.

"Yeah, we chased a shooter through here last night. Wondered where he tossed it."

Words of wisdom from the real police.
justaguy, May 08 2004

       Could've helped those two guys find their car, and spared me two hours of worthless movie.   

       Why is it always New York, L.A., Vegas, or Miami? Why not CSI: Chicago, Billings, or Flint? Are they too low on self-absorbed yuppies and criminals?
RayfordSteele, May 08 2004

       I think the best quote is that "you can't dust for vomit" from spinal tap
schematics, May 08 2004

       [dpsyplc] Can't wait for the explanation of someone found drowned in a pool of yak vomit (weird Tibetan lama gangsters?) Or wildebeest for that matter!
unclepete, May 10 2004

       CSI is very enjoyable if you think of it as a small catalog of new info tidbits like I do. I learn at least one new thing every episode and hang the reality.
k_sra, May 10 2004


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