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Drone Cops

A hive of activity
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Given the concern about African Killer Bees and Colony Collapse Disorder, this show focusses on an elite unit of top apiarists who investigate any crimes involving bees, and coincidentally provide a perfect vehicle for interminable bee puns.

There would be the usual diverse cast of characters, including a female detective who was lost as a baby and brought up by wild bees, thus meaning that she can communicate with them in bee language by wiggling her abdomen (some episodes may be unsuitable for under- 18's).

The team will excell in honey traps and sting operations.

Working title: "Hummicide Squad"

8th of 7, Feb 02 2015


       Hive seen something similar.
cudgel, Feb 02 2015


       "Repetition - 'hive'"   

       So that's a correct challenge, we get one point and continue with the subject ....
8th of 7, Feb 02 2015

       Such a buzz kill.   

AusCan531, Feb 03 2015

       Will this involve apiarists with hollow legs, jam and banjoes?
UnaBubba, Feb 03 2015

       AIEEEEEEEE ! The Bubbawok is back ! Run ! RUN ! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !
8th of 7, Feb 03 2015

       Finally a productive job for Miley Cyrus.   

       Note that you never see UB and a certain philosophy-mumbo-jumbo- spewing halfbaker that recently left at the same time...
RayfordSteele, Feb 03 2015

       A pun in search of a show [-]
Voice, Feb 04 2015

       Yeah, like you could do better ? C'mon, give it your best shot …
8th of 7, Feb 04 2015

       WTF are you talking about, [Rayford]?
UnaBubba, Feb 07 2015

       Watching their antics would surely be like combing through molasses. They're all just young and hornet
theircompetitor, Feb 07 2015


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