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Body heat dissipater

sucks heat out of the body encouraging it to generate more and keep u regulated
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The problem is stopping before hypothermia kicks in (which I guess at being a slowing of chemical processes)

To regulate this (ie not freeze people) and speed it up (have it affect you rapidly), one could have a cold air machine that you breath through, this could monitor the exhaled air temperature and flow rate (for inhaled air temperature) and maybe composition for accurate calorie burning data. could be just a mouth piece that you wear during exercise to provide cooler air while the rest of the body stays warm.

lostmind, Apr 15 2008


       also it would increase the denisty of the air thus allowing more to get into your lungs
lostmind, Apr 15 2008

       even better! drop the humidity of the entire room u work out in thus increase evaporation rate of your sweat
lostmind, Apr 15 2008

       They've run tests like that: exercise in a cold room so you get more done before you overheat. Air doesn't transport that much heat though, better to have a "cold-suit" or something.
FlyingToaster, Apr 15 2008

       It took a few read throughs to determine whether you are trying to heat people up or cool them down.
Texticle, Apr 16 2008

       Not a radiator with an IV hookup, then? bummer.
RayfordSteele, Apr 16 2008


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