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Turn a conversation into utter mumbo jumbo aka verbal bollocks generator
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A device that fits snuggly into the ear that turns a informative intelligent conversation into an utter load of random bollocks by playing with words, and a utterly useless conversation into a seemingly intelligent banter.(Or just set it to only convert everything into a load of audible verbal crap and nonsense anyway)

Good for Monday morning meetings and the office Christmas party .

No babelfish here.

skinflaps, Oct 31 2003


       This would = fun, Shirley. +
Shz, Oct 31 2003

       I find mixing my drinks already does this quite well (especially the second part) and the effects can often last well into Monday.
squeak, Oct 31 2003

       Purchase at www.bollocksfish.com
skinflaps, Oct 31 2003

       //utterly useless conversation into a seemingly intelligent banter//   

       Wouldn't this option somehow violate the second law of thermodynamics?
pertinax, Aug 14 2007


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