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Bondage practice doll

A doll for the new guy
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Those wanting to learn about the ways of ropes could learn faster with this life-like bondage doll. With replacable parts, it would be the crash test doll of bondage. Color changes to indicate bruising or other damage, bones and tendons a bit weaker than your average person. It would also indicate damage from being held in the wrong position too long or from, for example, being upside down too long. with the aid of position sensors. A USB hook-up aids learning with an attached computer program. Nerves and blood vessles included. (you don't want to pinch some places)
Voice, Apr 28 2008

Here's a good starting point. http://www.realdoll.com/
[jhomrighaus, Apr 28 2008]

The Sexy Version of This Crying_20Crash_20Test_20Dummies
[qt75rx1, Apr 29 2008]

Bondage for Sex http://www.amazon.c...-Rose/dp/0977723801
This is also a good starting point. [wagster, May 02 2008]

Bondage checkers Bondage_20checkers
Shameless self-promotion [django, May 04 2008]


       Does your proposed doll has enough wits to untangle some loose bondage too?
rotary, Apr 28 2008

       Unfortunately not...
Voice, Apr 28 2008

       i suppose if you brought your date home and had forgotten to hide the doll, many chuckles would ensue, so that would make it all worthwhile.   

       could you make me a 1:4 scale version? i'd like to take it with me everywhere. that way, whenever i have some time to kill, i could whip out the bondage doll and test her/his/its limits. on the train.. waiting for the kid at daycare.. when visiting the in-laws etc.   

       hey - i actually think the japanese would go for this.
TIB, Apr 28 2008

       You should establish a safe word technology.   

normzone, Apr 28 2008

       Baked: Hobos.
Noexit, Apr 28 2008

       You called....
squeak, Apr 29 2008

       // Great idea! Let's give the rapists out there a practice model!
Huh? If bondage isn't your thing, fine, but equating bondage with rape is simply insulting.
ping, Apr 29 2008

       [Voice], isn't it much better to program a better half to erotically untie her man (strictly in unique way) every time he comes from work?
rotary, May 02 2008

       I think it's a bit nasty too - sorry [voice] as I know your intentions may have been worthy, but it's a bad idea.
xenzag, May 02 2008

       I like it. After a session, you can relax and play a bit of bondage checkers [link] [+].
django, May 04 2008

       I think it's actually a good idea, inasmuch as bondage can actually be very... rewarding? I'm not sure of the term, but anyway it can be good and it also can be dangerous and anything that makes a good thing less dangerous gets my bun.
wagster, May 04 2008

       yeah... this is beyond disturbing... I mean if this doll fails in anyway to acuratly reflect real concequences, well this practice doll could lead to the replication of leathal techniques on a human... I mean someone could tamper with your doll, or you could recive a faulty one, and then someone could die as a result. Very dangerious. Practice on terrorist instead. lol
wuhisn, May 07 2008

       Could you make one that struggles?
TIB, May 07 2008

       Surprisingly, [wuhisn] has a good point.
wagster, May 07 2008

       Right! And thats why practice models for surgions should never be used! Because it there is a manufacturing defect, the practice doll could lead to the replication of lethal techniques on a human! I mean, those surgury practice dolls could be tampered with!
Voice, Oct 08 2008


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