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Bone Conduction Headset Teaching Aid for small children

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It is a device strapped to the head of a toddler.

If the kid looks at anything, it would describe the object or scene.

mofosyne, Oct 01 2014


       For a demonstration of how this would be, try watching a movie with what's called "audio description" (for the visually impaired). A narrator describes visual elements of the scene between pauses in the dialogue. It's kind of off-putting unless you're actually visually impaired and need it (I imagine...for all I know the visually impaired find it off-putting too.)
Spacecoyote, Oct 01 2014

       I think the actual communication level for bone conduction is punching someone in the face. Sure Mozart, and several other composers could identify musical notes through bone conduction but their overall reason for being exceptional was the ability to identify musical notes very well. So I read the idea "bone conduction headset teaching aid", more of as a helmet for taking relentless blows to the head in a excessively disciplinary teaching regime, but contained pedagogical analogy of a see-and-say toy that you wear on your head.
rcarty, Oct 01 2014

       Ceiling. Ceiling. Dust. Ceiling. Balloon. Smiling face. Crib. Crib. Older brother stealing your bottle. Ceiling. Ceiling.
pashute, Oct 02 2014


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