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Book Where Paragraphs Have Various Different Hotline Colors To Denote Different Moods

The equivalent of background music in a movie.
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Movies have the great tool of background music to set mood. This would be a way to even the playing field.

By having different background colors behind the paragraphs and sentences that change to match the story's mood, another level of drama could be added.

The colors would be pretty straight forward, grey would indicate a somber or serious mood, black tragic or ominous, like when the bad guy enters the story. On the other hand, pink or orange would indicate buoyant or ebullient setting such as a party or morning walk. Red might be the hotline color for a surprise turn of events or sudden catastrophe or battle. I'm picturing just a light shading behind the letters with soft edges so as to not be too distracting.

These surprise turns of events would have to be hidden on the next page for full impact, so a little bit of planning would need to be put into using this technique, but if skillfully applied, it might hold the promise of bringing the reader to another level of immersion into the story.

I think this technique might also be useful in written screenplays.

doctorremulac3, Nov 09 2011

The Golden Notebook http://en.wikipedia...The_Golden_Notebook
Not as described, obviously, but there is some colour co-ordination of moods (really, it's meant to be of themes but it comes out as moods). [calum, Nov 09 2011]

Bet this guy could read the sheet music superimposed behind the story's words http://www.google.c...&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0
[doctorremulac3, Nov 09 2011]

...and on the back of his head... http://www.google.c...ved=1t:429,r:28,s:0
Yup. It's a butt. [doctorremulac3, Nov 09 2011]


       Title suggestion: synthetic synesthesia
swimswim, Nov 09 2011

       Well, it's prettier than my rather ramble-on title.
doctorremulac3, Nov 09 2011

       I just thought of something else. Could you imagine a level of skill at reading where you could place a faded version of the sheet music behind the words and the person would hum the music in his head in real time while reading? I've got a buddy of mine who reads sheet music as music in his head to some extent. He also speaks like 9 languages (which I tell him is a total waste of time) and he was listening to a Spanish language station for several minutes before even realizing it was Spanish because of the content. I think that might have been an indication of his inebriation more than his level of genius though. He's not beyond taking a nip from time to time.   

       Anyway, maybe that's a feature they could have in books in the future when we evolve huge craniums with disgusting pulsing veins all over them.
doctorremulac3, Nov 09 2011

       Semi-baked by Mark Z. Danielewski in his book 'House of Leaves', wherein various words and passages are printed in different colors to enhance self-referential connotation.
Alterother, Nov 09 2011

       [Dr Re], see the miniature scores => opera section of your local library.
pocmloc, Nov 09 2011

       [+] your anno drr... I think that really deserves its own post.
FlyingToaster, Nov 09 2011

       Thank you FT. It's a neat idea I just don't think any modern human could do it. Not until we get those big pulsating brains from the future.
doctorremulac3, Nov 10 2011

       //huge craniums// // The neurosurgeons have got that one cracked, but it won't come on the market for a few years yet, because plastic surgery is still working on the //disgusting pulsing veins// problem.
mouseposture, Nov 10 2011


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