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Book review by man in the street.

Book review by all patrons with little effort.
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Library has two sets of return cans - One marked Liked it. And one marked Hated it.

Good feed back for the library. If all the Grisham's start ending up in the hate can, time to stop ordering lots of extra copies.

Most people will put most of their checked out books in the like can. After all they chose it out of all the possibilities. To borrow something and say you hate it makes you appear a crazy person.

A third can n/a for books you didn't read or were reference.

My local Library has four of these cans in a drive thru situation. Just need a few signs.

Inside there is bar code reader conveyer return system, and few changes to the control software could make it work for one word reviews as well.

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Three bins are likely required, just so the line can move forward. What I like about this it is the forced decision using the logic or feeling brain. 10 seconds = 10 books bang! done!

However, The very forcing will lock up some who can't decide anything ever. Without a don't know/ don't care/ no opinion option some people would dither so long they would need to be taken into the back room given a cup of tea just so the returns could continue.

The NAZI book burnings were done by committees of students and their professors carefully selecting the books to be charcoal. May 10, 1933 Which books would you burn?

popbottle, Jan 21 2014

Pop! Street Fashion http://www.dclibrary.org/node/39712
Other kinds of statements people make at the library [JesusHChrist, Jan 21 2014]


       I have to say that the local health food restaurant has three different kinds of recycling bins and I still havent figured them out, and every time I leave there is this debacle infront of the three trashcans where I am trying to decide what is what and then quickly trash everything when I realize that someone is waiting in line, at the trash can, behind me, but then I realize that, by throwing everything in one trash can or another I am sending a message to the person waiting in line behind me that 1. I know what I am doing and have decided that this is the correct trashcan to be filing everything under, or 2. I dont know what I am doing and dont care because I am just the kind of crass person who would just trash a whole project, or relationship, as soon as I encountered any complexity. And then even if there was just an "undecided" then you are saying that you are non commital. I dont know. (+) for the idea, but, and this may be that I am just the kind of over-sensitive ruminating brooder who likes to hang out in libraries, I am not sure if it would take off because you are asking book readers not only to give feedback but also to take sides. I would definitely be the beginning of the facebookization of the library - asking for data back out of the transaction.
JesusHChrist, Jan 21 2014

       //To borrow something and say you hate it makes you appear a crazy person//   

       That's not what makes me appear a crazy person. Not even on the short list.
AusCan531, Jan 21 2014

       There's always the required reading list as well, in which we are forced to borrow and read all sorts of horrid works, many of them by English authors.
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2014

       I think that all of the library, and in fact every other actual and virtual public space should be dichotomized according to Love and Hate. Ok maybe just the library.
bungston, Jan 22 2014

       That's how I arrange my bedroom.
shapu, Jan 22 2014

       Borrowing a book and hating it doesn't make one crazy, I just don't usually finish reading ones I don't like. Maybe the bins could be marked *read to the end* or *pitched this one because I don't care how it ends*. [+]
xandram, Jan 22 2014

       Stick it in one hole of you like it, and the other if she does.
WcW, Jan 22 2014

       I would recommend three bins, a "RETURNS", a "SPECTACULARLY GOOD" and a "SPECTACULARLY BAD."
JesusHChrist, Jan 22 2014

       How does "SPECTACULARLY GOOD" rank in comparison with "SO GOOD THAT THE BORROWER DID NOT RETURN IT"?
swimswim, Jan 22 2014

       Unfortunately the difference between "So good the borrower didn't return it" and "so bad the borrower threw it in the trash and accepted the fine to save other people from borrowing it in the future" is impossible to analyze.
MechE, Jan 22 2014

       Game it. Throw thousands of bibles in the hate bin.
UnaBubba, Jan 25 2014

       Nah! Simple minded decisions are part of what libraries are created to overcome (that & to provide a good read, obviously). So fishbone from me.
DrBob, Jan 25 2014

       Maybe we could organise to hold a monthly bonfire and burn the "bad" books in public?
UnaBubba, Jan 25 2014

       Sounds a bit drastic! Couldn't we just give the bad books a good talking to and send them to bed without any tea?
DrBob, Jan 25 2014


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