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Casino Style library or bookstore

Slot machines that accept books and return a random number of books.
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Was reading an earlier entry: And saw this comment from our fearless leader about a memorial library.

/ [marked-for-deletion] Large, well-designed free public libraries are not a new invention. Coupling them with the death of a specific politician doesn't really make them anything different. /

So this would be different than most libraries. A bank of Slot machines that accept books one by one, and return a random number of books.

If you don't like bodice ripper romances, put them back in the slot machine for something else.

The library tracks your prior donations and does not give you those. A few money based slots to keep the thing solvent and pay the librarians.

I see a future filled with piles of Reader's Digest Condensed Books stalking unwary patrons.

( Random books are hard sell at auctions. There are always the scrap paper dealers if winnings become too large for the slot patrons or the slot owners. )

popbottle, Sep 04 2016




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