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Booster Ideas

Ideas, that break the barrier to implementation.
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Sometimes even good ideas are left not implemented. They may need other ideas, that work like extra boosters to make things happen.

A booster idea is an idea that lowers the risk, and makes people motivated to work on ideas. Anything from ideas for phone conversation plots, mail messages to using specific issue-trackers, to well-targeted monetary injections may be ideas of this kind.

Booster ideas can then be attached to existing ideas, to make them fly.

Mindey, May 05 2019

Fixed time texting Fixed_20time_20texting
(Example idea that inspired this.) [Mindey, May 05 2019]

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       Spam may be an idea on its own?
pocmloc, May 05 2019

       [pocmloc], good point, I've renamed that to "mail messages". Thing is, texts can be innovative with relevant audiences in mind.
Mindey, May 06 2019

       Giving you money may be an idea on its own?
notexactly, May 07 2019

       You should post that.
pocmloc, May 07 2019

       These are the found in the oft-overlooked, mundane "soup" of ideas that are there for the scooping, a deft implementation of which is liable to supply a good few years' worth of work. Working on these is rarely supported directly by management, but they don't realise that if you come up with a general method for solving annoying-problems x, y and z - none of which pose any challenge other than being tedious in themselves - that together they enable a general solution to some YETI problem, the solution for which is considered impossible, abominable, or both.
zen_tom, May 07 2019


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