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Boston Shotgun Navigator

Ride-along Boston driving directions for a reasonable price!
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I've lived in Boston 20+ years and have developed what one might call a "general working knowledge" of the area. One thing I've learned is that there is no pattern, no method to the madness; the only way to learn it is one street at a time. I bet I could make a decent living riding shotgun with out-of-towners, saying things like "Don't take that street, you'll wind up at the airport" or "You need to be in this lane because that one will merge with seven others in about 100 feet" and "I know mapquest said Rte. 2A; just stay on Mass Ave." and generally helping people get from point A to point B with a minimal amount of fuss. Let's say half the rate of a Taxi because after all, they're driving :) Maybe I should get a scooter or folding bike to put in the trunk if they need to go a long way.
blixa, Jul 30 2001

Boston Online http://www.boston-online.com
Everything Boston! [blixa, Jul 30 2001, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       blixa: This might be a go even in less-incomprehensible cities. Maybe package the service with a little extra, like the shotgun helper brings along some chocolate-chip cookies and a city map (for after he or she departs) and you've got a market.
Dog Ed, Jul 30 2001

       When read the title I thought this idea was to help crazed armed people find their way while on a rampage around Boston but I prefer your version.
Aristotle, Jul 31 2001

       Thanks for the votes guys! I certainly could see offering extra service, like pointing out a good restaurant or historical site. Boston is not only incomprehensible but filled with quirky history (see link) and whenever I'm out walking with an out-of-towner, I'm always pointing out stuff I remember...   

       Aristotle: That's not a half-bad idea...this town confuses everyone, including gun-toting maniacs. Although, maybe it's a good thing in that case :)
blixa, Jul 31 2001

       I like Aristotles idea, posted 31.07.01.
Mayfly, Aug 03 2001

       blixa, Mayfly: Hmmm, I wonder if crazed people homicidal prone to getting lost in Boston might form a demographic you can market to? :-)
Aristotle, Aug 03 2001

       You could put up signs at key locations saying "<--- you are here" and showing locations of potential targets. Then sell ad space to gun manufacturers.   

blixa, Aug 03 2001

       It would be a great help to people who are new to the area to have tips like that.
arghblah, Oct 01 2001

       If they're going to bother picking you up and dropping you off and having you in their car, you might as well save your breath and drive for them.
horripilation, Nov 20 2002

       Start a 'Taxi Chat' phone in why not, help many people at the same time. Oh wait a minute...getting a bit close to a fully baked idea here.
Ludwig, Nov 20 2002

       Baked! This is the Neverlost system. It is a little screen which rides along in the passengers seat and gives you verbal directions; things like "Right turn in ... 0.5 miles" or "Stay in the right lane". In Detroit, it gave me directions right up and into the driveway of my wife's aunts house in the suburbs. It works by GPS combined with what are apparently excellent maps.
bungston, Nov 20 2002

       great idea. Boston has the most interesting urban (lack of) planning i have seen in the states, it could almost be an English city. as for the GPS idea, you are right to point out that Boston confounds them. when i went there, we had a rental car and were playing with the GPS machine. most impressive, until it sent us the wrong way up a one way street. very worrying. presumeably Detroit is easier.
stilgar, May 03 2004

       Another bonus is that an additional passenger might give you access to the carpool lanes. Very handy if you're trying to make it to the airport with limited time.
patm, Jun 27 2004

       Would be good for Bilbao, where the steep hills help you to get lost in three dimensions. [+]
pertinax, May 29 2007

       This could do double duty in places like Pretoria and Bagdad, of course, where the shotgun would be very handy, as well as not getting stuck in a dead-end for the last few minutes of your life...   

       Outisde of those places, my Garmin does quite well, even in crazy traffic places like London.
Soapy, May 29 2007


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