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Gyro and image recognition replaces GPS

Vehicle does not need a fragile GPS systen to reach a destination
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Search for "gyro scope replaces GPS" on the internet.

When the enemy shoots down our global positioning system satellites we are SOL.

I don't know how this device under development works but I can imagine:

A gyroscope equipped vehicle is flown or driven straight to the target or indirectly to the target by a human at a low altitude as needed to avoid radar.

All roll, pitch and yaw information needed to make this trip and arrive at the point required will be captured and stored by the computer connected to the gyroscope onboard.

The role, pitch, and yaw data will be transferred to all vehicless traveling to that destination.

Visual information from satellite maps will be used to work with image recognition software and the gyroscope onboard the vehicle to assure the craft is on the right track.

With the real airplanes this is known as IFR AKA "I fly railroads."

Sunstone, Apr 27 2020

Satellite Independent Navigation satellite_20indepen...navigation_20system
[theircompetitor, Apr 27 2020]

MSF clock synchronization https://en.wikipedi...Time_from_NPL_(MSF)
Simple, practical, cheap. [8th of 7, Apr 28 2020]


       [Suggested-for-deletion], not an innovation.   

       Gyro/inertial reference platforms have been around for 80 years. The German V1 used a very crude gyroscopic inertial guidance system combined with a magnetic compass.   

       Some of the earliest versions of cruise missiles employed terrain following using pre-loaded strip maps and an image comparator.   

       GPS is very useful, but certainly the military of all nations are far too cagey to put all their eggs in one navigational basket. Similarly, civil aircraft still have inertial guidance systems and can use old-school VHF radio beacons.   

       The general public might find that they have to look at actual maps to get to their destinations, but that's hardly a massive problem. A gyro platform for ground vehicles just isn't justified. Transmitting mapping and route data to an onboard display is not going to add functionality.   

       // Visual information from satellite maps will be used to work with image recognition software and the gyroscope onboard the vehicle to assure the craft is on the right track. //   

       Is this an aircraft ? Civil and military aircraft have INS; small aircraft flying IFR don't rely on GPS - they use it, but they also use existing nav aids and dead reckoning, plus ATC can tell you where you are if you're in radar coverage and squawking. Ground vehicles don't actually NEED to use GPS as they can use stored maps, or even the nuclear option (for most males) of stopping and asking someone.
8th of 7, Apr 27 2020

       Only the ones run by idiots.   

       Designing any system with a single point of failure like that is courting disaster.
8th of 7, Apr 28 2020

       MSF/VLF time signals (just one service provider, there are many) are Baked and WKTE. <link>. The receivers can be integrated into a wristwatch, and the technology is pretty much immune to jamming, CMEs, and other effects.   

       It's only needed to sync a local oscillator once a day, you don't need an always-on signal.   

       You can build it into a pc or a smartphone for about the same cost as Bluetooth.   

       // Not involving the destruction of humanity //   

       We're just spectators. Just carry on as you are ...
8th of 7, Apr 28 2020


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