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Bottle Compactor

Sucks the air out and seals bottles and drink cartons
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Depending on who you believe, the average pile of garbage contains 20-60% air. So plastic can and bottle redeemers automatically crush their contents, and the responsible amongst us crush plastic soda bottles and drink cartons before trashing them. In fact, some municipalities charge by the garbage bag, an added incentive to minimize the volume of trash we put out.

So, the bottle compactor is a compact kitchen gadget that sucks the air out of a plastic bottle or cardboard carton, then seals it to keep it compacted. An adaptor takes care of different lid sizes. A lever on the side is available to crush soda cans and other tins by manual pressure (this part is not motorized to avoid little Tommy seeing if he can shrink his sister's head).

DrCurry, Oct 12 2003


       But it's so much more satisfying (and won't clutter up my kitchen with another gadget) just to put them on the floor and tread on them.
hippo, Oct 12 2003

       what we need is a can shredder and a bottle shredder? nice one DC.
po, Oct 12 2003

       hippo: Ah, but then the bottles and cartons invariably partially reinflate, hence the sealant in my gadget. Besides, this device will also help the elderly or impaired who lack the motor skills and/or strength to put the bottles on the floor and stamp on them.
DrCurry, Oct 12 2003

       //kitchen gadget that sucks the air out//   

       With a central vacuum system, you can crush a liter bottle in an instant. Have a kitchen attachment.
Amos Kito, Oct 13 2003


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