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Breast-base Trash Can

I'm a dirty old man
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A rectangular trash can that has, as its base, two fairly large rounded bumps placed in close lateral proximity. Both the top and bottom are rounded rectangles, and the can is the standard 13-gallon size, and tapers slightly from bottom to top.

The presence of the two-part rounded base prevents lateral tipping. The base is heavily weighted to prevent tippage forward or backwards. To ease emptying, the upper part can be disconnected from the lower base by a simple rotation-lock mechanism, similar to those found basically everywhere else you have cannisters.

Inspired by the Johansson trash can, for obvious reasons.

shapu, Aug 10 2007


       a bin, laden full of garbage...
xandram, Aug 11 2007

       [BrauBeaton]: Simply (cleanly?) put, it's a weeble-style trash can, except with two weeble bottoms placed one next to the other, to simulate breasts.
shapu, Aug 11 2007


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