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Bottle with lid holder

Just a slight modification to existing soda (or "pop") bottles
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I am weary of having to keep track of my lid, either by holding it in my hand or remembering where I set it down. A very simple plastic extension on the side of the bottle would remedy this. The lid would simply snap into place, and I could forget about it until I wanted to seal the bottle again.
thefungus, Jul 16 2003

grolsch http://www.grolsch.com/
works for glass bottles. [neilp, Oct 04 2004]


       plastic milk bottles often have this type of lid but they do tend to leak if not pushed on properly. you'd also lose your fizz if the lid were not completely in place.   

       anyone remember the old pop bottles with large metal contraptions that look like articles of torture? bit too large and cumbersome for a small bottle of pop.
po, Jul 16 2003

       I think it's for reasons of lid-loss that the snappable ring type lids as found (in the US) on dish soap, pancake syrup, and Hershey's chocolate syrup became popular on beverage bottles briefly in the 1990s.
ry4an, Jul 16 2003

       ladies and gentleman, I give you Grolsch
neilp, Jul 16 2003

       carbonated chocolate syrup, mmmm
po, Jul 16 2003

       This is a very good idea, in my opinion. Rather than being a snap-on, perhaps the holder could comprise a threaded protrusion on the body or base of the bottle that the "off" lid can be screwed onto.
my face your, Jul 16 2003

       The threaded protrusion idea is no good. It just about doubles the work in using the bottle. A push-fit protrusion might work.   

       A flimsy snap-on top would let your drink go flat. A heavy-duty Grolsch-style top would cost too much.   

       What about a standard plastic screw-thread top, with a plastic tether extruded from the top. The tether ends in a loop which hangs around the bottle neck.
sandfly, Jul 22 2003


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