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Crackler cork

a champagne cork with sound effects
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When the cork flies out of the bottle of champagne it could have sound effects and a mini firework for added excitement. For weddings it could have a mini explosion of confetti.
gizmo, Feb 22 2002


       Champagne corks shouldn't really fly out of the bottle. This would indicate that the wine had not been properly chilled. However, an attachment that made a loud bang and dispensed confetti, like a built-in party-popper, when the cork was silently and harmlessly removed, would garner a pastry.
angel, Feb 22 2002

       I can't see the oh-so-serious vintners (is that the word?) in France adding novelty corks to their bottles, so this would have to be some kind of add-on you fitted over the bottle yourself. Or perhaps some nasty domestic fizzy wine manufacturer could do it.
pottedstu, Feb 22 2002

       Can I change it to Asti Spew Mantie please?
gizmo, Feb 22 2002

       angel, that is just purist tosh if you don't mind my saying. champagne corks should bloody well hit the ceiling and why the French did not incorporate this idea into their corks in the first place, just says more about them than gizmo. excellent idea gizmo. you are invited to my next party.
po, Feb 22 2002

       I dunno. I'd be popular around New Years. Probably for weddings, etc, too.
phoenix, Feb 22 2002

       we like you all year round love.
po, Feb 22 2002

       you're not popular other times, phoe?   

       Flying corks are dangerous. A small towel over the bottle solves the problem.
waugsqueke, Feb 22 2002

       aim them at the chandelier, waugs.
po, Feb 22 2002

       Flying an aeroplane is dangerous.... but fun.
arora, Feb 22 2002

       Maybe a fun gizmo that a consumer attaches to the corks of the staid and un-funloving vinters precious champagne would suffice?   

       Drinking champagne, and shooting corks at villages from the air, whil(e)st flying said a(ir)eroplane is funner, yet, and even more dangerous.
bristolz, Feb 22 2002

       More dangerous, I'm guessing, not because of the falling corks either.   

waugsqueke, Feb 22 2002

       I casually aim my champagne corks - nice grouping on the ceiling thus far - only 3"/7.5 cm separation.
thumbwax, Feb 22 2002

       new olympic sport? thumb - we would make a great team.
po, Feb 22 2002

       get the spiders to do some swishing with brushes as in curling!
po, Feb 22 2002

       Hmm. Of course, it was supposed to be "*It'd* be popular around New Years.", but I like it better the way it came out.   

       And thanks for the vote of confidence, [po].
phoenix, Feb 22 2002

       curtsey, wink!
po, Feb 22 2002

       Peter, that was a bit of a damp squib, dear, hardly fireworks! how disappointing.
po, Feb 22 2002

       1) Baked. Champagne already has a sound effect when you open it (the sound of a bottle of Champagne being opened). How much better a sound could you want?   

       2) Remove the foil and wire carefully. Grip the cork with one hand and slowly rotate it back and forth with while gently moving it upward. POP! The cork shouldn't go anywhere.
snarfyguy, Feb 23 2002

thumbwax, Feb 23 2002

       I prefer champagne served according to the weather. For most occcasions I expect it served as snarfyguy describes and with some degree of protocol. Other occasions allow for, and sometimes warrant a little spillage and plunder. In my opinion anyway.
demidoo, Jan 27 2004


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