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Bottom Opening Ketchup Bottle

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Quite simply, a normal ketchup bottle but with the opening at the bottom instead of the top.

Turn the bottom-cap through ninety degrees, so that the holes line-up, and let the sauce drizzle out using gravity. Turn the cap back, the holes no longer line-up, and the souce stops pouring out.

Knut, Mar 30 2004

Easy squeezin' http://www.heinz.com/jsp/world.jsp
4350 google hits for "upside-down ketchup bottle" [squeak, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Ketchup in a jar http://ironq.com/wo...ketchup_garlic.html
Multiple types [AO] [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Loads of squeezy ketchup bottles open at the bottom. Have I misunderstood?
squeak, Mar 30 2004

       I haven't seen any that open at the bottom. Only the top.
Knut, Mar 30 2004

       Depends which way you hold the bottle. I think this would be a good idea, especially if the bottle was squeezable. Dip some croissant in your ketchup.
Fishrat, Mar 30 2004

       There are plastic bottles available which stand upside down on a wide cap like some toothpaste tubes do. All sorts of stuff comes in these bottles, mayo, mustard, chocolate sauce.... Anything that's processed, squirty and ick. It's a great idea,[knut], but sadly done to a crisp.
squeak, Mar 30 2004

       //squirty and ick//
Some condiments can be pretty icky.

       I've never understood why ketchup doesn't come in a jar.
AO, Mar 30 2004

       Jars don't fart when you squish 'em.
squeak, Mar 30 2004

       Re suctionpad's link: I've clearly been eating the wrong kind of ketchup.
AO, Mar 30 2004

       Sorry yes Baked.   

       Heinz did it for a while. Opened at the bottom and the top.
britboy, Mar 30 2004

       Take your normal ketchup bottle. Turn it upside down. Now you have a bottom opening ketchup bottle. What's so novel about that it needs a whole new idea?   

       I routinely store slow-pouring bottles upside down in the fridge or closet.
DrCurry, Mar 30 2004

       closet? You keep condiments next to your undies? Visions of DC in a japanese pod-style apartment.
squeak, Mar 30 2004

       squeak: that may be lost in translation. What do you call the thing in the kitchen with shelves and doors where you keep bottled goods before opening them? Or are undies what we call marmalade?
DrCurry, Mar 30 2004

       "Closet" seems more or less right, but "cupboard" is more common in England, "cabinet" in the States.
AO, Mar 30 2004

       kitchen cabinets, but I'd call the closet DrCurry is referring to a pantry
theircompetitor, Mar 30 2004

       [theircompetitor] ...or do you mean underpantry?   

       Still, I'd love to see someone try to use the Heinz double-ended squeezy bottle [britboy] mentions...I bet there have been a few unwanted cleaning of ceilings!   

       Still, the title has to be 'up there' with the best double-ententre subject titles...Oooo, Mrs!
timbeau, Mar 30 2004

       So baked it's burnt to a crisp.
simonj, Mar 31 2004


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