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Cinnamon Sauce

Ketchup like substance made with Cinnamon
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As you all know, everybody loves Cinnamon. It goes good with just about everything. The problem is, there's no big cinnamon names out there. I say that the Cinnamon stalks would be somewhat melted, not all the way though, and then blended to make it into a thick, yet liquidy substance. It would be put into a bottle, like ketchup or mustard. Then you can put it on Hamburgers, Frech Fries, Hot Dogs, or just about whatever you want.
Voodoo721, Jan 16 2005

Cinamon sauce... http://www.herbsand...ecipes/rec0011.html
...and custard to boot. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 16 2005]


       Welcome Voodoo721, if you look to the left at help under Meta: you'll see that recipes don't receive the warmest receptions. Also type cinnamon sauce into a search engine, there are many.
Good day eh.

       And it also involves magic..//I say that the Cinnamon stalks would be somewhat melted,// It cannot be done in an ordinary kitchen/melting oven. It would need about the heat of the sun. p.s.: the recipe of some ketchups already have cinnamon in it.
Susan, Jan 16 2005

       I love cinnamon!
pooduck, Jan 16 2005

       (Susan Susen, or Susan Susan? Just wondering.)   

       I still like the idea, if it could also have butter, a bit of brown sugar, and some nutmeg in it. Put in a squeeze bottle, warm under hot water, and drizzle a beautiful design on your freshly baked croissant. + From me. I have not seen already made cinnamon sauces, and I'm hungry.   

       (FryGuy), What's a recopy ; )
blissmiss, Jan 17 2005

       Oops, recipes. Recopy is what I should have done before hitting [OK].   

       2fries: There is no relation between me and Susen.
Susan, Jan 17 2005

       I was wondering too. BTW, it was Blissy that asked.
wagster, Jan 17 2005

       oh right, sorry about that. Others have hinted at it too though.
Susan, Jan 17 2005

       //As you all know, everybody loves Cinnamon//   

       Speak for yourself.
Pericles, Jan 18 2005

       In measured amounts cinnamon is great but is one of those flavors where it's easy to go overboard. True cinnamon, a rarity--at least in the U.S., is at once mellower, livelier and less bitter than the cassia that is commonly sold as cinnamon (real cinnamon is tan while cassia is a darker brown).
bristolz, Jan 19 2005


       Treat cinnamon with respect or it'll bite you on the ass.
squeak, Jan 20 2005


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