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Bottomless Drinking Cup

The Glass that stays fuller, longer.... betterer.
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I have been to a few fancy cocktail parties... you know, the scene, everyone trying as hard as they can to look better than everyone else. Well one think i noticed is that people look pretty stupid with their glass upside down trying to suck the last few drops of booze out of it. So i was thinking about a cup with a mouth similar to a martini glass, but instead of a stem and a base, an elastic rubber bladder, with just the right elasticity so that when you pour in a liquid it for as long as there is enough to keep the bladder full, the liquid stays right about a half inch from the mouth of the glass, you can drink twice as much as the fools sucking the live out of their overturned conventional glasses, and look ten times better doing it.
Curiosity, May 05 2006


       Who's that twit drinking out of a condom?
ConsulFlaminicus, May 05 2006

po, May 05 2006

       I have a suggestion. I saw a very interesting measuring "cup" on a cooking show (good eats). It used a piston inside a cup so that you could measure multiple liquids. (2 oz of x, fill to top. 1 oz of y, pull handle down so measured liquid falls 1 oz below top & then fill w/ y.)   

       I looked to see if anyone made a martini glass w/ a sliding stem, but I couldn't find any mention of such. I wonder if you could just push the stem of the glass up to achieve the same result you indicate, and if this might be more acceptable to people. (I'd vote for the idea if it were kind of like this, It's a terrible feeling to spill as a result of accidentally tipping the glass too high., though I very, very, rarely go to the fancy, shmancy parties.)
Zimmy, May 07 2006

       //I'm fascinated by anything that goes 'ping'.// [wagster]
methinksnot, May 07 2006

       // I'm fascinated by anything that goes 'ping'.//   

       Half a game of table tennis?
Jinbish, May 07 2006

       This isn't really bottomless per se. If anything, the bottom of this particular cup is more prominent than that of a conventional cup.   

       Problem: when you tilt the cup, the weight force exerted by the liquid normal to the spring-loaded bottom reduces. Contents get expelled onto lapel, or if seated, the crotch.   

       On closer inspection, maybe I've misunderstood this. I was thinking piston, rather than bladder.   

       On still closer inspection, a bladder wouldn't work either, because the pressure exerted by the contents isn't changing much (however the volume is).
Texticle, May 08 2006

       Well, i hate to burst your bladder Texticle but i have made one (out of a conventional ballon and funnel) and although i needed to work the ballon in a good amount, the bladder worked and kept the liuqid at the proper height. the biggest problem i have found however, is when i want to set this down on a table. oh and i suppose i can get some pictures ip somewhere give me a little time.
Curiosity, May 08 2006

       I'm sure I'd find a way to pop the balloon over the hostess' cleavage.
HaltAndCatchFire, May 08 2006

       The balloon prototype worked? Well I'll be.   

       In the last sentence you mention (among many other things) that you can "drink twice as much". Can you elaborate as to how the bladder in question facilitates that?
Texticle, May 08 2006

       Martinis suck. Drink molten glass out of the bottom of someone's skull and look REALLY tough. Or just get a bitchin' neck tattoo.
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

       Haha well, that was sort of an exaggeration, however what i meant was that insead of having to tip my glass all the way back and look like an idiot, or possibly wait till the ice slides back and splash scotch all over my brand new suit, i can simply sip out of a cup that stays nearly full for an extended period of time. thats really all this is.
Curiosity, May 08 2006

       Would be pretty neat to have it telescoping like motorcycle suspension bits. It would look cool too!
Letsbuildafort, May 08 2006

       Curiosity killed the cup.   

       Fishbone for bad spelling, mostly.
baconbrain, May 08 2006


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